∆  Welcome Math Explorers to Geometry Level 1  

Teacher – Ms. Ohlson

Course Description: Geometry is the physical representation of the world surrounding us and the relationships of objects in our world.  In this course we will explore shape, size, proportion, the coordinate plane, transformation and deductive reasoning.

Essential Questions:


Materials Required: Students should have a binder and/or file in which to keep class notes, hand-outs, quizzes, tests and problem solving tasks. Students should come prepared with pencil, paper and textbook to class. School calculators may be used in the classroom only so you may wish to purchase a calculator for home use.

Homework: Practice outside of the classroom is critical to the successful understanding of any math course. I expect each student to regularly complete the homework assigned. Homework is graded on effort and completeness. All assignments should be neat and work should be shown, the date, unit assignment and students name should be clearly written. Homework assignments and other course information are available on my website http://sbhs.sbschools.net/users/johlson/ .

Grading Policy (Quarterly Grades):

          Class work (20%): The class work category includes completing explorations, investigations, in-class assignments and class participation.

          Homework (20%): The purpose of the homework assignments is to practice, review, reinforce, analyze, extend, or reflect upon past and present concepts and to prepare you for the next topic. We will check, discuss, and review the assignment during the next class period.

          Tests (30%) and Quizzes (30%): You will have frequent quizzes and unit tests.  It is important to study and be prepared!

Semester Grade: 40% each quarter plus 20% for midterm/final exam.

Final Grade: Each semester is worth 50%.

Attendance Policy: If you are absent for any reason (illness, group, field trip, sports, etc…), you are responsible for making up the work you missed.  You should make sure you get homework assignments in advance if possible and complete the work prior to the next class.  If you miss a quiz or test it is your responsibility to reschedule with me as soon as possible. Make-up times for math are offered per the school schedule.

Behavior: The student is expected to demonstrate respect towards themselves, other students and the learning environment.  Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to work when the bell rings.

Communication: Please feel free to contact me directly with questions and concerns. I use Gradebook and student grades are available on Rebelnet. You may contact me at 652-7019 or at johlson@sbschools.net